Deck Membrane & Underlayment

A great option for Deck, Roof, Balcony, and Parking Areas.

Water-tight membrane systems offer functionality, durability and a great cosmetic look – all at an effective cost. We install several different membrane systems that each stay flexible and somewhat soft so that this lasting floor system can easily move with the decks, balconies, and roofs that it’s often applied to.

Membrane systems can resist the outdoor elements and because they are slid and skip resistant, they are a great option for locations that see heavy pedestrian foot traffic and vehicular traffic.

Annapolis Yacht Club

O’Connor Building

Tremco Underlayment Membrane System

Tremco underlayment is great for decks, patios, roofs, and other areas that have a brick or slate surface top. The system is water-tight and will prevent leaks and erosion from occurring. The primer is applied when still wet before a fiber glass fabric is layered across the  top with overlapping edges. A top coat is then applied to protect and seal the area.

We are certified in installing Membrane Systems from Tremco and several different manufacturers.

St. John’s College (Tremco Underlayment Membrane System)

Preparing the surface for slate flooring

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