MMA, & Urethane Mortar Floors

MMA Flooring 

This is a fast dry product, allowing for a quick job turn around. There are many different options with MMA flooring, from roll down systems to ¼” trowel down system. MMA can also have colored quartz or vinyl flakes fully broadcasted into the base coat to please every want or need you may have. MMA can be applied in low temperatures, unlink epoxy.

The turnaround time is most often only 7 hours from prep to finish and dry. You equipment will be ready to install the same day

Urethane Mortar Flooring

Urethane Mortar is designed typically for areas that are prone to thermal shock or high impact abuse. Its often used in commercial kitchens because it is USDA, FDA, HACCP and SQF approved. Urethane Mortar can be applied using a slurry or troweled down mortar. Urethane Mortar is generally applied at 3/16’ to 3/8’ thickness, depending on the system. Typically, Urethane Mortar is a solid color, but it can be a decorative system as well. The texture of the floor is customizable.

Optimal for Chemical Rooms, Commercial Kitchens, Brewery Floors, Food Processing Spaces, Freezer/Cooler Rooms, Food and Beverage Manufacturing Spaces. 


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