Epoxy Double Broadcast & Quartz Flooring

Double Broadcast & Quartz Flooring Systems create a floor that is both durable and decorative. Depending on the application space, these floors can be designed as a solid color application or something more complex and decorative. The floor receives a primer of fully broadcasted quartz or sand before receiving two topcoats, which, upon completion, makes this a strong and functional floor that’s easy to maintain and keep clean.

For those who choose colored quartz, you have the option to choose between many options of colors and textures.

A great look for many applications, including workshops, garages, bathrooms, labs, kitchens, clean rooms, and more.

Firehouse (Double Broadcast Floor)

Colored Quartz Flooring

Everlast Flooring Project

Everlast is a 1/8” trowel down marble chip system designed for heavy use once applied. In addition to being certified installers of Everlast flooring, we also install similar systems by Sika and General Polymers.

Learn more about Everlast Flooring at www.everlastepoxy.com


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