Concrete Repair, Sealing, & Resurfacing

Concrete Sealing

Concrete that is not sealed can often remain dusty, making the surface hard to maintain and keep clean. Concrete sealer, which keeps dust from collecting and sticking to the surface, is an economical way of protecting your floor from these increased costs.

Expansion Joints and Crack Repair 

Is your floor cracking at the expansion joints? We can take care of that for you. SurfaceTech does a full inspection of the surface and can work with you to find and apply the right product to repair the cracks and make sure they don’t reappear.

Concrete Sidewalk and Deck Resurfacing

Do you have pitted or spalled concrete outside in the elements? SurfaceTech can repair and resurface your sidewalks, concrete pads, and similar spaces. This is a quick drying and durable system which also allows for a fast turnaround on your project. There are many different options for colors and textures. The treatment can be made textured and slip resistant.

Example Flexkrete Resurfacing System, One Day Project

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